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Student News Net is very concerned for your child's safety on the Internet and seeks to provide timely, interesting, relevant, age-appropriate information for all users.

Since we encourage the use of our site by children and students, we are very conscious of the privacy of our users. Photos of children (younger than 18 years) published on Student News Net that are not in the public domain are used with permission from the child's parent or guardian or authorized by other sources through the course of story development.

Subscribers to Student News Net are solely responsible for permitting children 18 years and younger to access the website.

Student News Net stores your session in a "cookie," which is a small file saved on your computer. We can't obtain any personal information - such as your name, age or e-mail address - from this cookie. If you don't want to have a cookie, go to "turn off cookies" in your Web browser.

If a student using Student News Net site wishes to send an e-mail to us, such e-mail will only be used for the one-time purpose of replying to the sender's request and for no other purpose. Student News Net does NOT sell email lists under any circumstance.

Although Student News Net is currently an ad-free website, in the event any section is sponsored, Student News Net will always mark the paid sponsorship with an explicit identifier that says "sponsor."

Student News Net provides links only to those websites it deems high quality, educational, student-friendly sites. Student News Net is not responsible for any content not published on Student News Net. While Student News Net takes every precaution to maintain the integrity of the Student News Net website, on a rare occasion Student News Net could be unlawfully accessed and in such cases, Student News Net will use its best efforts to correct all problems in a timely manner.


When you leave Student News Net to go to another website, NEVER give out personal information. Always alert your parents or other responsible adult, such as your teacher, if a website asks for any personal information about you or your family.

Remember to talk to your parents or other responsible adult as soon as someone asks for your personal information online, even if it's a friend, especially an online-only friend. Do not respond before talking with a responsible adult. Think before you click!

Most of all, Student News Net wishes you safe travels online! Explore, share, and learn!


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