SNN had its origins from 1999-2003 as a student news section within a major broadcast network's website. SNN has been continuously produced as an independent site since 2003. SNN today has the same two areas of focus that it had in 2003 to: 1) motivate students to learn through producing compelling, relevant, original and interesting content aligned to proven principles of learning and curricular goals/standards, and 2) research and publish content to support students’ quest to identify successful career paths.

The meaningful integration of technology in the classroom is still being researched and defined. Judith Miller, SNN editor, decided to return to graduate school for a second Master of Education degree. In 2012, Judy earned a Master of Arts in Educational Studies in the Digital Media and Education thread within the School of Education at the University of Michigan. As a result of this graduate work and her years of practice both in the classroom and as a digital content developer, Judy has developed and tested a new paradigm of digital learning that can be leveraged in the classroom to improve student achievement.

For further discussion and collaboration with Judy regarding this important area of research and practice, please contact Judy at She is available to conduct professional development workshops on curriculum design, mediated by technology, and to speak at conferences regarding the role of technology for meaningful learning in today’s K-12 learning environment.

Student News Net is powered by a proprietary content management system developed in house that is customized to the K-12 learning environment.

SNN Testimonial
“The teachers found that the interactive website is appealing for our students. The website includes diverse media and rich informational content which would help motivate the students to read. Moreover, SNN enables our teachers to use authentic instructional material that align with our state reading standards and common core standards, especially with the emphasis on informational text across disciplines.” (Mary Gucciardo, MS.Ed., Literacy Coach, Martin County, Florida.)

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