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  Russian spacecraft lost
Russian spacecraft lost
Dec. 2, 2016 - Roscosmos, the Russian Federal Space Agency, has confirmed that its unmanned Progress 65 cargo spacecraft was lost yesterday minutes after launch. Its mission was to deliver 2.6 tons of cargo to the International Space Station (ISS).
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mountainous: adjective;of or related to mountains; Find it in blue in today's top story!
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Park your cell phone until the car is parkedPark your cell phone until the car is parked
Nov. 30, 2016- Distracted driving is not limited to roads. Using a cell phone while driving in a parking lot is also dangerous.
Weekly VOCAB

Week of November 28

diminish: verb; to decline, to go down in number or quality;
Red sky in the morning....

predicted: verb; to say what will happen based on information or opinion;
Hurricane Matthew on path to Florida

proclaimed: verb; declared, stated;
Veterans Day is a day ON, not off

recedes: verb; to move backwards, to pull back;
Cedar River to crest today

retrieves: verb; obtain, collect, secure, get back;
NASA to begin trip to an asteroid today

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December 2

1942: Library of Congress: The Atomic Age began inside an enormous tent on a squash court under the stands of the University of Chicago's Stagg Field. There, headed by Italian scientist Enrico Fermi, the first controlled nuclear fission chain reaction was engineered. The result - sustainable nuclear energy - led to creation of the atomic bomb and nuclear power plants - two of the twentieth century's most powerful and controversial achievements. Four years earlier, Fermi had received the Nobel Prize for Physics. Like so many intellectuals who had left fascist Europe, Fermi came to the United States and worked at Columbia University.

1863: The Statue of Freedom, a 19-foot sculpture, was placed on top of the new U.S. Capitol Dome in a ceremony with gun salutes from forts surrounding the city.

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Political ads evoke powerful emotionsPolitical ads evoke powerful emotions
Oct. 3, 2016 - To understand the punch, power, and pure emotion behind political ads, visit I Approve This Message: Decoding Political Ads.



1. At the end of the story, you will find a list of the 50 ads included in the exhibition. Watch 2 ads from each of the four categories of emotions. Why does each ad appropriately fit in its category? Note symbols and language in the ads to explain your answers.

2. What is the advantage of a candidate saying "I approve this message" at the end of a political ad? 

3. Why was the "Daisy Girl" ad only shown once?


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I Approve This Message: Decoding Political Ads: Since 1952, political ads have aired on television during presidential elections. Seismic changes have occurred in the nation since that time but the power and punch of political ads remain the same.

Major flooding impacts Iowa: Thousands of residents in eastern and central Iowa spent the Sept. 24-25 weekend filling and placing sandbags around buildings to protect against rising water predicted to reach flood stage in many locations.
Scrumptious Salsa Science: Salsa is scrumptious, a fun food that is super nutritious, super easy to make, and super science. Learn how hydroponic vegetables are grown with Bryan Ellis from the Toledo Natural Science Technology Center. 
One Hot and Cool Topic: The Art - and Science - of Glass: Watch a master instructor of glassblowing sculpt a bowl from a gob of molten glass. 
What are the Iowa Caucuses?: Learn the history of the Iowa Caucuses through "First in the Nation," an exhibit at the Iowa Historical Museum in Des Moines. 
Park your cell phone until the car is parkedPark your cell phone until the car is parked
Nov. 30, 2016- Distracted driving is not limited to roads. Using a cell phone while driving in a parking lot is also dangerous.
Wildfires raging in the southeast Wildfires raging in the southeast
Nov. 29, 2016 - Firefighters in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee are battling many blazes.
Fidel Castro (1926-2016)Fidel Castro (1926-2016)
Nov. 28, 2016 - Fidel Castro, titular head of Cuba's Communist Party that has controlled the country since 1959, died Friday. He was 90.
Retailers hope to see green on Black FridayRetailers hope to see green on Black Friday
Nov. 25, 2016 – Retail stores celebrate Black Friday as the day their bottom line turns from a loss to a profit.
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