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Weekly News Quiz
  March 23, 2017 SNN's weekly news quiz is published each week. The quiz can be completed online or printed, copied and completed by hand. Good Luck!
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1. If the population of the United States is 320 million, what percent of that number is represented by the population of Ireland?

about 15 percent
about 5 percent
about 1.5 percent

2. Of the following, what is an accurate statement about Northern Ireland?

It is part of Ireland, the northern part.
It is part of the United Kingdom.
It is an independent country.

3. What is the capital of Ireland?


4. From the video, what did Ed say he did when he decided to open an Irish pub in the United States?

He said he visited a lot of pubs in large cities in Ireland.
He said he visited a lot of pubs in small, rural areas in Ireland.
He said he visited a lot of pubs in large and small cities in Ireland.

5. In the video, Ed pointed out a sports jersey he brought back from Ireland. It was a gift from an Irish pub owner. What was the sport?


6. In the video, what did Ed say about the furniture he has in his pub even though it was moved out of the way for the St. Patrick's Day celebration?

He said all of the chairs and tables were purchased in Ireland.
He said all of the furniture was designed to look like Irish pub furniture.
He did not say anything at all about the furniture.

7. In the video, what did Ed say is the primary reason so many people in Ireland go to pubs?

Irish culture is all about having fun at parties and going to pubs.
Meeting with family and friends at the end of the day is key to Irish culture.
Most people spend their day farming so going to a pub is a way to relax.

8. In Ireland, in what general category of job are most people employed?


9. Of the following, what best describes the trade relationship between Ireland and the United States?

Ireland exports more products to the United States than it imports from the U.S.
Ireland imports more products from the United States than it exports to the U.S.
Exports to the United States and imports from the United States are about equal.

10. Geographically, what best describes Ireland and Great Britain?

Ireland is an island separated from Great Britain by the Atlantic Ocean.
Ireland is contiguous to Great Britain.
The Irish Sea separates Great Britain from Ireland, an island.

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